San Diego memories

Earlier in the month Automattic hosted its annual company meetup in San Diego.

It was our opportunity to meet or reconnect with colleagues, build new cool stuff, learn new things, sing badly, drink beer, and all the kinds of things a bunch of Automatticians do when they get together. We got to know each other over meals, at activities, as we collaborated on projects, and as we listened to flash talks on our families, hobbies, or topics of interest to each of us.

Along the way, I found out how difficult it can be to explain baseball to non-American colleagues; discovered distinct flavor differences from various strains of brewers yeast; learned that singing in public isn’t as hard as I thought; got great tips on coffee brewing; and got a backstage glimpse at all the work that goes into making WordPress. Filling my brain are productivity tips; new insights into user testing, analytics and domains; and a new passion for the beaches of San Diego!

As part of the meetup, everyone in the company was part of a smaller team working on projects that will improve for users and employees alike. Some are already launched, others are just around the corner, and it was so exciting to be a part of everything. And despite all we accomplished, never once did it really seem like “work”.

It’s great to be part of such a creative and dedicated group of people that really does function like a team. I feel like I was just welcomed into a big, boistrous family!

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