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Ferguson: Ten Bloggers Speak Out

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Many details about the violent death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, remain unclear. What is beyond doubt is the intensity of reactions to this story — in the media and in neighborhoods all over the US (and beyond). Here are ten personal perspectives on this event and its aftermath, from writers representing a diverse cross-section of the…


Tear Gas and the Spark of Change

In the debate that rages about Michael Brown’s shooting and the ongoing violence and protests in Ferguson, we should grab this opportunity to acknowledge and confront the racism that still exists in America. If we can do so, then his death, and the subsequent violence, will not have been in vain.


Ferguson: History repeating itself

Watching the news from Ferguson, MO, I think to growing up in the area of the recent violence as well as my studies of racial injustice, and consider how history has a way of repeating itself because we as humans do not do enough to end oppression and discrimination.

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The yellow post-it note

The yellow square was bouncing along the damp road, dancing in the wind like an autumn leaf. She ran up to it, reached for it, missed. Close enough to see there was writing, she followed it on its random skips and hops down the street, passing several homes and apartment buildings. Half a block down,…

maui beach

Empty beach

“If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?” That’s the question for today’s Writing 101 Challenge, A Room with a View. This is an easy one to answer: if I could be anywhere right this minute, it would be on an empty beach in…