Texas Aster

A refreshing change

Eager to see Barton Creek after the heavy rains a couple of weeks ago, ¬†this afternoon I headed down to the greenbelt for a short hike. For the past several years when I’ve hiked the greenbelt, it’s been during our persistent drought, and while the upper creek had water, usually it was dry by the 360 access point where I enter, the boulders like sun-bleached skeletons sticking out of grey clay and gravel. In the spring there would be some wildflowers and delicate understory plants, but by the fall, after a hot and unrelenting summer, very¬†little would be left other than shrubs and trees. A few yards down the path and I could sense that something was different this time. The path wasn’t dusty, but soft. There was the lovely smell of a combination of humus-rich, garden soil, dampness, green. Cheery turks’ caps and lavender Texas asters greeted us, and a half-dozen other flowering plants dotted the edges, and new … Read more…

BlogathonATX 2013

Yesterday I participated in BlogathonATX 2013, a day-long event in Austin, TX bringing bloggers together for writing, inspiration, site critiques, learning, conversations… and lots of coffee drinking and snacking. It’s a great day to hang out with old friends and make new ones, fix that blog that’s been stashed away in the basement, and clear the cobwebs from your writing brain. And gain 10 pounds… because there’s never a shortage of food at BlogathonATX. Among other things, this year we had sesame chicken, sushi, fruit and veggie popsicles, artisan chocolate, kale chips, fresh organic juices, local coffee, and more candy and baked goods than was good for us. As always, it was a great day and I can’t wait until the next one!