The yellow post-it note

The yellow square was bouncing along the damp road, dancing in the wind like an autumn leaf. She ran up to it, reached for it, missed. Close enough to see there was writing, she followed it on its random skips and hops down the street, passing several homes and apartment buildings. Half a block down, she finally caught it. The ink had run, blurring part of the note, but she could still make out most of it. She glanced around, at all of the homes on the block, all of the doors and windows shut tight, asleep, unseeing. The post-it must have been stuck to a door or window. Stuffing it into her pocket, she turned around and walked back the way she came, a tear running down her cheek. Someone hit your dog. I took him to [unreadable] nothing they can do. Call me at 523-1[unreadable]. A 147 word response to today’s Daily Post prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You … Read more…

maui beach

Empty beach

“If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?”

That’s the question for today’s Writing 101 Challenge, A Room with a View.

This is an easy one to answer: if I could be anywhere right this minute, it would be on an empty beach in Hawaii.

maui beach
Empty Beach in Kahalui, Maui (photo by Jackie Dana)

I start by wandering around for a while, letting the ocean water tickle my feet as it rushes forward in a soapy crush, and then recedes just as quickly, the perpetual tease of the tides. I’d allow my feet to sink into the water-logged sand as I walked, the softness cushioning my toes. Every so often the waves would play a joke, and while I was lulled into the complacency of ankle-deep cool water rushing over my feet, a stronger wave would push the water to my knees, catching the hem of my skirt, before dashing back into the sea.

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Why do we write?

I’m one of the staff members assisting with this month’s Blogger University challenge, Writing 101. I’m not sure if I’ll write a post to go with all of our daily prompts, but the first one, a free-writing challenge, sounded fun. So to start this off, I’m asking myself the question: why do people write, especially those of us whose lives don’t center around writing? And by writing, I mean, creative writing, blogging, writing stories about our lives, and so forth, not emails and support tickets or a report or feedback on a project. Why do we put words together when there isn’t a purpose or a need? I don’t know that I have any deep, philosophical explanation for it. For me, writing fulfills a few ‘needs’. I want to share my ideas and communicate to the world, to give form to abstraction. For example, when I started thinking about this post, I was going to write about the dreams I had last night, to … Read more…

Zero to Cicero and Back Again

I always encourage people to fall down the rabbit hole. If you find yourself with sudden inspiration to research something, you should do it. Whether it’s going to IMDB to look up the actor you think you recognize from a guest role on a tv show, or searching on Facebook for your grade school classmates, or looking for a book that’s been out of print for decades, sometimes the very act of searching will teach you something or send you on a path you weren’t expecting. I’ve spent hours following random thoughts through Wikipedia, Spotify and, discovering publications or recordings I didn’t know existed, or finding out tidbits about former acquaintences that were surprising and sometimes shocking. This time around, I was watching tv when the name of a character reminded me of someone I used to know. Wondering what had happened to this person, I jumped on Google. I was wholly unprepared for Google to lead me to a moviestar fandom blog, as … Read more…