Hot Wells: in Real Life & in Fiction

Hot Wells is a San Antonio hotel that was built in the last 19th century and counted as its guests people such as Charlie Chaplin and Teddy Roosevelt.

Since that time the hotel experienced at least five different fires and now all that is left is the bath house, the hotel itself long gone. And even the bath house is now mostly a ruin, with walls that defy gravity and bricks piled everywhere. But despite its rundown appearance, it’s a magical place.

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Hot Wells

Last weekend, as part of a class on urban survival taught by The Human Path, I was incredibly fortunate to be able to visit Hot Wells Hotel and Spa in San Antonio. Built in 1893 around a hot sulphur spring, Hot Wells was once a resort for the rich and famous. However, after a number of fires over the century, the place has fallen into ruins. For historical images and the history of Hot Wells, see the Edwards Aquifer website.