herbal salve

Herbal healing salve

herbal salveToday’s project: homemade salve with around a dozen herbs, olive oil, lanolin and beeswax. Miraculously the final mixture was exactly the right amount for the containers I had… not too much, not too little. Perfect.

I take that as a good omen.

Herbs used:

All of these herbs were chosen for their skin healing, anti-microbial, or anti-itch/soothing qualities. I did not add essential oils for fragrance as I prefer it to smell “green.” 🙂

6 thoughts on “Herbal healing salve

    • I updated the post.

      I don’t have proportions written down, but the largest component other than the base ingredients was comfrey. In my experience that’s the key ingredient here.

    • A good video on how to make a salve can be found here, courtesy of Mountain Rose Herbs:

      They also have videos on how to make tinctures and infused oils. For my salve, I infused the oil with tincture and fresh material and let it simmer on very low heat in a crockpot this afternoon, until all the alcohol was evaporated away.

  1. Awesome! I just started into diy products myself. If you’re ever in Vancouver again, I’ll take you to the cool shops we have for the ingredients, fun jars, etc. 🙂

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