Holidays with Merlin Automatticat

This holiday thing is great. My mom got to spend extra time playing with me and letting me snuggle on her lap and watch Netflix with her. I also got lots of things to play with. My favorite was the box. It was awesome! When mom opened it there was a whole bunch of useless things inside, but that was fixed soon enough. It was a fun box, full of red tissue paper. Don’t worry, I made sure to rip it up and kick pieces all around the living room. I also discovered this brick cave with a metal curtain and all this ash to dig around in, but I keep getting squirted with water when I go in there and mom yells at me to get out of the fireplace. It’s so unfair! She did make sure I got a bunch of turkey, and string cheese, and even some yogurt. The waffles were the best, though, and I made … Read more…

Merlin Automatticat

My name is Merlin Automatticat. I am almost 10 weeks old. I perform tricks, I love cheese and yogurt, and I purr very loudly. I also have sharp teeth and claws and am absolutely in love with this Macbook Pro my person gave me to play with. I like my new cat roommates and haven’t had any fights with them. But they need to stop being all fat and lazy and play with me more! Night time is my favorite time of all because it’s the best time to climb on things, knock stuff down, make noise, and find new places to hide. I also come when I’m called, but that’s only because I might miss out on something really fun. I’m sure I’ll get bored with that soon.