Merlin Automatticat

I dare you to find anything cuter than me!
I dare you to find anything cuter than me!
My name is Merlin Automatticat. I am almost 10 weeks old.

I perform tricks, I love cheese and yogurt, and I purr very loudly. I also have sharp teeth and claws and am absolutely in love with this Macbook Pro my person gave me to play with. I like my new cat roommates and haven’t had any fights with them. But they need to stop being all fat and lazy and play with me more!

Night time is my favorite time of all because it’s the best time to climb on things, knock stuff down, make noise, and find new places to hide.

I also come when I’m called, but that’s only because I might miss out on something really fun. I’m sure I’ll get bored with that soon.

2 thoughts on “Merlin Automatticat”

  1. very cute.
    I remember when we took our, now 7 month old, cat inside.
    She was about 3 weeks or 4 weeks old and sat by our door crying day and night.
    But whenever i came to her and talked she shut up and soon i left she cried again.
    She was starving, full of filth, could not even walk right, still pure breast feeding, broken ribs and so on.
    We actually did not want any animal in the house as we have 5 kids which are like a tsunami in the home. But i just could not hear it anymore.
    Now we cant imagine it anymore without her.
    One day she jumped out the window( we live on the 7th floor and only 1 window had no bars) and we could not hear of find anything for many days. our kids crying, me up sad.
    So we put a bit money together and found a cheap offer of a Persian kitten online.
    Got within 2 days and then ,wow, after a week later the previous female white cat showed up again .
    She came running into the home , starved and obviously glad to have us back.
    Now we have two females and the white one, which does not seem to be only street cat, is looking for mister tom cat and she drives us all crazy.
    All night and day she howls, moons everybody to mate. smile. big but lovingly chaos in our home.
    I hope its soon over. I think to have her mated but with already 2 in here its quit full. I read online about spaying her. but will be quiet difficult to pay for and manage where we live, smile.


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