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  • Beer and Writing

    Beer and Writing

    Founders Kentucky Bourbon Stout brewed with chocolate and coffee and aged in oak bourbon barrels. As soon as I heard about this beer, a limited seasonal beer produced by Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids, MI, I knew I wanted to try it. Doing my due diligence, I learned it was supposed to be released on April 1 […]

  • Portland by night

    Automatticians and a Portland Brewcycle tour of three craft breweries, followed by a trip to Rogue Brewery and Voodoo Donuts. Really, does anything else need to be said?    

  • Just some foolin’ around in San Francisco

    Just some foolin’ around in San Francisco
  • Two breweries are better than one

    On Saturday a group of Austin homebrewers invaded two Austin-area microbreweries: Thirsty Planet Brewing Company and Jester King Craft Brewery, both of which were having open houses/tours for eager beer lovers like ourselves. The day was quite an adventure as we tried out all kinds of beers from very light wheat beers to sour stout ales […]

  • Herbal IPA

    Herbal IPA

    Labor Day brewing: Cooking up a batch of IPA with organically-grown, fresh Oregon hops, malt extract and a touch of dried wormwood, based on a recipe in Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation. In the pot is the wort, the unfermented beer as it boils, and before the addition of yeast […]

  • Two lovely things

    Two lovely things

    Presenting: A Leveller: A Murphy’s Irish Stout + espresso + chocolate. (courtesy of the Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse) Two 1 1/2 inch thick ribeye steaks rubbed with garlic and chipotle.