Beer and Writing

10169162_10203552677754527_1806189607_nFounders Kentucky Bourbon Stout brewed with chocolate and coffee and aged in oak bourbon barrels.

As soon as I heard about this beer, a limited seasonal beer produced by Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids, MI, I knew I wanted to try it. Doing my due diligence, I learned it was supposed to be released on April 1 here in Austin, and I was prepared to go to my local “beer store” to grab some before they sold out. I’m friends with this particular store, Sunrise Minimart, on Facebook, and that’s how I learn about all of the cool new craft beers that they get.

Except they got the beer a few days early and although they posted an announcement on Facebook, Facebook decided I didn’t need to see that particular post, so by the time I realized what had happened, it was all gone.

It was a fail on the scale of Greek tragedies.

And then, a fellow homebrewer posted a photo on Facebook yesterday with, you guessed it, a four-pack of KBS. I commented on his good fortune, and he let me in on a great secret…

He had purchased extra!

Tonight, instead of writing as I had intended, I spent the evening drinking some amazing craft beers, including the KBS, which was just as amazing as you might expect from a beer with chocolate and coffee and aged in bourbon barrels. Words really can’t do it justice. The coffee is subtle but the chocolate is so rich, and the taste of whiskey is just the perfect compliment to the other flavors.

Oh right, words. I mentioned that I was supposed to be writing.

Well it’s late, and I’ve been relaxing and drinking beer. Most people in my sitiation would say, meh, I’ll skip it for tonight and pick it up again tomorrow. But not me. I signed up for Camp NaNo with the intention of writing every single day, and then agreed to a blogging challenge with a similar goal. It’s only April 3rd… I don’t want to be branded as a slacker on the third day!

So here, with less than an hour to go, I’m squeezing in my daily blog post.

As soon as I hit publish on this post, I’ve got some fiction to write before the clock strikes midnight, so I can log a word count for April 3rd. The good thing is that I’ve already decided that I want to continue to explore the history of one of my protagonists, and have several scenes already floating in my head. I’ve also decided that at some point he’s going to find an excuse to drink a nice craft beer. 🙂

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