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  • A Breath of Spring

    A Breath of Spring

    Spring has just begun to creep out from under the stones where it lay hidden during a bitterly cold St. Louis winter. Nature announces the arrival of spring in St. Louis in spectacular fashion. The trees explode with color, and the hidden potential of daffodils and other bulbs burst from the ground. While most people […]

  • Afternoon stroll

    Afternoon stroll

    Today I upgraded my iPhone to a 5s, and I took it along when I walked my dog to try out the camera. Here’s just a taste of the beauty I encountered in a mile-long walk around my neighborhood.

  • Attack of the Rebel Bluebonnets

    Attack of the Rebel Bluebonnets

    There’s a big brouhaha over at the University of Texas at Austin. Apparently there’s some maroon bluebonnets popping up in raised beds near the UT Tower. The outrage! See, these flowers were developed by dastardly scientists over at Texas A&M through selective breeding and hybridization, creating a pink version of the ubiquitous bluebonnets that blanket […]

  • Visit to the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland

    Visit to the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland

    In March 2014 I was fortunate to visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. Having visited the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver back in November (photos), I was excited to see another one. We were exceptionally fortunate this time because everything was in bloom, especially the camellias.

  • My UT Garden

    My UT Garden

    A woman with an idea. That was me in November, 2009. At the University of Texas at Austin, they had launched a new platform to solicit feedback and ideas from the University community. On the day it launched, I happened to walk by two large raised beds, filled with autumn flowers, that were being dug […]