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Those visiting my blog today might notice the new banner at the top, and the cute red cat in my sidebar. Both are announcing my support for the Internet Defense League’s protest against NSA surveillance.

As you can read on PC World and other blogs, many popular websites are participating in this protest, including!

If you also oppose the NSA’s snooping into private citizens’ online activities, and you have a blog, you can join me!

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.21.10 PM has added a special widget you can use to show your support.

To add it to your blog,  go to your blog’s Dashboard. Under Appearance > Widgets, you’ll see a new widget called “Internet Defense League”.

When you drag it into your sidebar (or into any widgeted area of your theme), you will have the option to add a banner or overlay to your blog; you can decide whether you want to participate in this one protest or future actions; and you will get the choice to also add one of three images (or nothing) to your sidebar with an automatic link back to the Internet Defense League.

Join me in saying NO to the NSA and yes to the Fourth Amendment, yes to freedom and yes to privacy.

2 thoughts on “Internet Defense League”

  1. Decided to check out your site. Not exactly sure how effective a campaign like this really is. In the digital age it’s already been established, since the 90’s, that email is the property of the corporation that owns the server and is not protected on the same level as a written letter. What that ruling really did was make it so anything put on a corporate server can be data mined as it’s not “unlawful search and seizure” due to the parties willingness to openly broadcast the information in an un-private or protected manner. I’m not a Lawyer or a Legal expert, but the digital area has created a lot of grey by law passages and rulings done by people that didn’t understand the technology or the effect their actions would have on societies future.

    It’s why I support the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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