My tough guy Seamus


Seamus is my sweet white kitty, with the blue eyes and the yowls of a Siamese, and faint orange stripes of a tabby on his tail and his forehead. He’s been with me for around 17 or 18 years now. He’s always shown so much spunk and spirit in every situation. Even as an old guy, until recently he loved roughhousing with my new puppy. He’s always loved coming into the bedroom at night, right as I’m going to sleep. He’d climb up on the pillow and get me to pet him by rubbing his whiskers in my face and putting his cold nose against my arm. It became a ritual every single evening, and I could even call his next move before he did it, he was that predictable.

He’s always been a stubborn and strong headed animal who did what he wanted.

Tonight he’s still fighting. He’s been declining for the past few weeks, and tonight is almost certainly his last night.

Here’s to you, my rotten stinker of a cat. I love you.

5 thoughts on “My tough guy Seamus”

  1. Our pets die but our relationships with them don’t for our memories of our times together live on. From our relationships with those who can love unconditionally we learn so many life lessons, and it hurts so much when they go but go they must. You are loving pet parent Jackie, and I’m sure Seamus couldn’t have had a better human partner in life.

  2. Hi Jackie,
    I came across your blog after seeing you on the WordPress forums. I just finished writing a post about the loss of my kitty as well. It’s always upsetting when it’s their time to go but it’s good to hear that (along with my cat) Seamus had a very long life! He comes off very poised and lovely in the pictures. 🙂


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