Nimue the Wonder Dog


A couple of weeks ago a new puppy joined my little family.

It started so innocently on Facebook. A couple of weeks ago I was browsing my neighborhood FB group, when I saw that Diana, a local dog foster (and great wedding photographer!), posted photos of the cutest puppy ever.

My previous dog, an awesome Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Orion, died back in June, and it’s been rather lonely ever since. I was hoping to adopt another dog later in the year, and my criteria were:

  • Herding breed
  • Medium-sized (around the size of a Border Collie)
  • A younger dog, but past the housebreaking/constant crying stage

When I saw photos of Nimue, a 9 month old Catahoula puppy, it was love at first sight. I met her the next day and she came to live with me and the kitties the day after that.

The name Nimue comes from Arthurian legends, and is one of many names for the Lady of the Lake. Among other things she enchants Merlin, which was an intentional allusion to my own kitten named Merlin (who is now just shy of a year old himself).

When she first came to visit, Nimue and I bonded immediately. It was also obvious that she felt right at home as she quicky jumped up on what is known as “the dog couch”  (it was Orion’s favorite place). I was glad she felt safe, because up until a few weeks ago when she was rescued, she was living a hobo dog’s existence, roaming aimlessly, with minimal food and access to water and an owner who would kick and beat on her. Thanks to the efforts of Melissa at Hope Lane Rescue, that is no longer Nimue’s fate.

She’s mostly been an angel ever since. She gets along with the cats (with a little supervision since she plays pretty hard!), she barks to go outside, she knows how to sit on command, and has already learned how to shake hands and play fetch. She’s pretty good on a leash and mostly listens to me when she does something bad. She’s a little submissive but every day she gets a little bolder, and soon she’ll be running this place!

Then again, she’s already taught me to take her out for a walk every evening or she’ll bug me until I do. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Nimue the Wonder Dog”

  1. Nimue must love her new home after that terrible start in life. Love Dogs, my favorite was my Beagle, Babe, she was a member of the family for about ten years until her heart gave out.
    Take care and my best to Nimue.


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