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Christmas Remembrances at the Masonic Cemetery

Christmas is a difficult holiday for me. It has long evoked strong emotions and has become a time to recall lost friends, refresh old memories, and celebrate the turn of a year. To commemorate the day and a friend we lost on Christmas Eve ten years ago, my friend Marie and I visited the Boggy Creek Masonic Cemetery in Austin, Texas. This is a cemetery in far South Austin that has late-19th-century graves of Masons and their families. It’s an interesting step back in time, and a quiet, out of the way place to wander and contemplate on’s own history. The cemetery’s own story is also as good as it gets. As the official historical marker details: According to local tradition, in the winter of 1859, 23-year-old John Davis joined a community wagon train headed for work in the pine forests of Bastrop County. Davis, sprayed by a skunk during the night, began running wildly through the camp. He was … Read more…

Hot Wells

Last weekend, as part of a class on urban survival taught by The Human Path, I was incredibly fortunate to be able to visit Hot Wells Hotel and Spa in San Antonio. Built in 1893 around a hot sulphur spring, Hot Wells was once a resort for the rich and famous. However, after a number of fires over the century, the place has fallen into ruins. For historical images and the history of Hot Wells, see the Edwards Aquifer website.