What Makes for a Successful Blog Post ?

IMG_0962This month I’ve been participating in my colleague’s blogging challenge, and so far I’ve managed to post every day in the month of April, which means after tonight, that’s eight consecutive days of blog posts. All of the posts so far have dealt with writing, more specifically something related to Camp NaNoWriMo.

What I’ve found curious is examining which of my posts have been the most popular, measured by traffic or by comments.

The two winners so far are last night’s post, The Confession of a Perfectionist Writer, which I think has more comments than any blog post I’ve ever written, and perhaps my post Writing Partners, in which I did little other than post a photo of two of my cats.

My takeaways from this are that I either need to post about the inherent difficulties of writing, or just post more photos of my pets.

It also makes me wonder what makes for a successful blog post? Are there topics that resonate more than others? Or to be successful, should we all just post cute animal photos? 🙂

Beyond that, how should we measure a successful post? Should we consider overall traffic (stats numbers)? Engagement? Sharing? Something else?

If you have a blog, what have you found works the best for you?


7 thoughts on “What Makes for a Successful Blog Post ?”

  1. My takeaways from this are that I either need to post about the inherent difficulties of writing, or just post more photos of my pets.

    What about writing posts about the inherent difficulties of picking photos of your pets to post?

  2. For me, having a blog was all about communicating throughout the day while I am housebound in illness. However, these are some of the things I have discovered. Brief posts will get more review then lengthier ones, which I believe is more of a time constraint issue for bloggers; trying to post, follow others etc. I respect and understand that. When I write, it’s very clear that I speak with my heart and bloggers sense that, from the messages I receive. One of the most notable things however remains engaging readers. My belief is that if you are investing the time to speak with me…it’s a gift, and should be acknowledged. While blogging has introduced me to a new and different world; it was an unexpected gift to “make friends” here. Have a beautiful and inspired day. Belinda

  3. You can never, ever post too many pictures of that dog. What a face!

    I have no deep thoughts about blog writing at the moment, as today was an uphill slog. But I loved reading your words and…hold on, I have to look at your dogs again.


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