Our Chief Schemer Has Left Us

Can I tell you a story?

About eight years ago I was at a meetup when I stumbled across an amazing business card on the counter at the venue.

The card was witty and clever, but it was more than that. I could tell that the person behind the card was creative, bold, an irrepressible force of nature, unashamed to stand out in a crowd. Even though I had no idea who this person was, I could tell she was everything I wanted to be.

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Ferguson: History repeating itself

Watching the news from Ferguson, MO, I think to growing up in the area of the recent violence as well as my studies of racial injustice, and consider how history has a way of repeating itself because we as humans do not do enough to end oppression and discrimination.

Zero to Cicero and Back Again

I always encourage people to fall down the rabbit hole. If you find yourself with sudden inspiration to research something, you should do it. Whether it’s going to IMDB to look up the actor you think you recognize from a guest role on a tv show, or searching on Facebook for your grade school classmates, or looking for a book that’s been out of print for decades, sometimes the very act of searching will teach you something or send you on a path you weren’t expecting. I’ve spent hours following random thoughts through Wikipedia, Spotify and Amazon.com, discovering publications or recordings I didn’t know existed, or finding out tidbits about former acquaintences that were surprising and sometimes shocking. This time around, I was watching tv when the name of a character reminded me of someone I used to know. Wondering what had happened to this person, I jumped on Google. I was wholly unprepared for Google to lead me to a moviestar fandom blog, as … Read more…

Random Encounters

You can’t ever be sure if making the wrong turn actually will become the right turn. Today over lunch I needed to run by the post office to mail something to my colleague Dan, and then swing by Target for a few items I needed before the weekend. As I pulled out of my driveway, I turned in the wrong direction for the post office, and being unable to make a left turn easily at the intersection, I decided to run to Target first, even though I planned to get frozen items. I was planning to pick up a prescription at Target but that fact completely left my brain until I pulled into the parking lot at the other Target. Going with the flow, I just shopped and picked up what I needed, and headed on to the post office. Making a quick detour for some coffee at Starbucks, I laughed with the woman at the drive-thru window after I realized I had … Read more…