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  • Whatever Happened To…

    Whatever Happened To…

    Note: I wrote the following story for the Smarter Artist Pity Par-tay Flash Fiction Contest. It’s a silly story involving some of the people from the Smarter Artist Summit (April 26-27, 2017), and involving a mashup of an item chosen from each of two columns. Apologies in advance to everyone whose name appears… of course this is […]

  • Short story: Solid as a Rock

    Short story: Solid as a Rock

    Looking for a short read? My short story “Solid as a Rock” is available on Amazon now! It’s a lighthearted story of Luke, a homeless veteran, and what happens after his mentor dies unexpectedly. Special note: This is your first introduction to Luke, but it’s not the last you’ll see of him. He’s going to be […]

  • Hot Wells: in Real Life & in Fiction

    Hot Wells: in Real Life & in Fiction

    Hot Wells is a San Antonio hotel that was built in the last 19th century and counted as its guests people such as Charlie Chaplin and Teddy Roosevelt. Since that time the hotel experienced at least five different fires and now all that is left is the bath house, the hotel itself long gone. And even the […]

  • Building a Community of Writers in Austin

    Building a Community of Writers in Austin

    You can’t go more than about 10 feet in Austin without bumping into a writer. They call our city the “Live Music Capitol of the World” but in reality, I think we have more writers and authors than musicians these days.

  • Razors and incisors – a short bit of fiction

    Razors and incisors – a short bit of fiction

    Tonight I attended a writing meetup at the Austin Zen Center. After a brief meditation we all wrote for 25 minutes on a prompt. One of the participants unwrapped a small metal sculpture. It was an emaciated figure of man (in the style of the sculptor Giacometti as illustrated here), standing with a rat’s nest of wires […]

  • Public Reading – and a Discount!

    Public Reading – and a Discount!

    A public reading! Oh my! On January 23, from 3-5pm at Malvern Books in Austin, TX, I’ll be one of three authors giving a public reading of my novel By Moonrise. Joining me are Matt Herron, author of the sci-fi thriller The Auriga Project and Kate Baray, author of several urban fantasy novels including the Lost […]

  • Dreams Really Do Come True!

    Dreams Really Do Come True!

    My first novel, By Moonrise, is now available for pre-order on Wow, did I really write those words? I need to stop and pinch myself. I can’t really believe this is happening to me.

  • Belatedly late update

    Belatedly late update

    I’ve been up to a lot lately, and sadly, blogging hasn’t been as high on my list as I’d like. The important thing is that I’ve been writing a lot. Between my professional copywriting gigs and my novels, I generate a lot of extra vowels each day. I’ve also submitted two different short stories to contests, […]